Created due to a high demand in the market place.

More and more businesses were becoming increasingly aware of apps and how it could benefit their growth, however due to limited resources and cost it was very much out of their reach. 

This programme not only provides businesses with an app but also trains them on how to manage and update it themselves in house, without the need of an expensive developer - making them self sufficient within their mobile marketing.

It can be accessed online and is therefore suitable for distance learning, which makes them more attractive and accessible to businesses and individual learners. 

  • Suitable for full cost and non regulated ESF funding streams
  • 60 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
  • NCFE Level 1 award
  • Online - No tutor required
  • Multimedia throughout
  • Sequential learning
  • Comprehensive LMS included
  • SCORM compatible
  • Meets with Government agenda