Be at the forefront of technology with your own college app store

The College App store will provide you with the opportunity to create, manage and distribute up to 50 smartphone apps throughout the college and even into businesses, all without the need of a developer. 

Save thousands in both time and money by allowing each department to communicate directly with their students via their preferred media. Tutors can upload work daily, add revision tips, send reminders and even conduct quizzes to measure the learners progress.

Apps will help enhance the learners journey and improve communication, not to mention reduce printed material and supply the user with environmentally friendly information.

In addition to developing your own college in-house apps, commercial teams can sell apps and their supporting training course to local businesses, helping them become self sufficient in their mobile marketing. The training covers how to manage and update your app all the way through to adding new features and marketing it to clients - to date over 3000 businesses have taken advantage of this course.

The focus of apps is to provide clients with up to date information at the touch of a button, to make this possible you will have your own dashboard, allowing you to create and delete your own apps, choose your own content, features and even design.

You will be app developers

Features of the college app store

  • Option to create new learning apps in house for college departments
  • Ability to manage and update apps in house
  • Branded the College
  • Own URL e.g.
  • Clients will also have direct access to their apps
  • Ability to view and test apps prior to release
  • Access to 100's of tutorial videos.
  • Mobile device friendly.
  • Detailed reports and analytic reviews.
  • Complete technical support.
  • Sending out unlimited push alerts.

Benefits of the app store

  • Enhance the reputation of the college
  • Provide cost effective apps to local businesses
  • High profile model for college.
  • Enable the college to tailor apps to suit their students requirements i.e. learning apps
  • Develop apps for all areas of the college at no extra cost
  • Have complete control of content
  • Not reliant on a third party developer
  • Save money, time and print!