digital beginner mouse

Using a Computer

  • Where and how to access a computer
  • Understanding computer setup 
  • Switching on your computer
  • Using a mouse
  • Desktop and icons
  • How to use a keyboard

digital beginner printer

Creating a document

  • An overview of Microsoft functions 
  • Create a Microsoft Word document
  • How to save a Microsoft Word Document
  • How to print

digital beginner keyboard

Setting up an email

  • How to set up an email address (Gmail)
  • How to send and receive an email
  • How to add attachments

digital beginner laptop

Going online

  • What the internet is
  • Searching the internet
  • Staying safe online
  • How to Bookmark useful websites

universal credit digital beginner

Universal Credit account

  • How to open multiple tabs in a web browser
  • How to register for a Universal Credit account
  • How to sign in to a Universal Credit account
  • How to upload documents to Universal Credit
  • How to ask for help with your application