Created due to a high demand in the market place.

A large percentage of UK adults have poor or no digital skills and this is affecting their chances of getting permanent employment.

And with he imminent launch of Universal credit Job Centres have expressed their concern that many individuals will struggle to access the online system but will put increasing pressure on authorities. Digital Beginner starts at the beginning, from turning a computer on to accessing the internet.

It is an extremely visual course with many different delivery options. The initial stages of the programme need to delivered face-to-face, as we assume the learner knows nothing, then once an individual is confident they can continue online and progress through the programme at their own speed.

Once they completed the course successfully the individual should have a good level of digital knowledge and be able to perform basic yet essential digital tasks.

The majority of the programme can be accessed online and is therefore suitable for ongoing distance learning.

  • Suitable for Job seekers
  • Up to 200 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
  • Working at Level 1
  • Sequential learning
  • Meets with Government agenda