Universal Credit has been rolling out nationwide since April 2017 with a completion date set for December 2018. It will replace several forms of benefit and application will only be available online.

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To many people who have grown up with computers and have regular access to a device that can connect to the internet this will pose few problems, However, research has shown...

5.9 million adults in the UK have never used the internet

There are 4.1 million adults living in social housing that are offline

10% of British homes have no access to the web

It’s these people who will need help if and when they need to go online to claim benefits.
There is currently no UK-wide government programme in place that offers training on how to access and maintain a Universal Credit account. Instead, it’s left to partner and charity organisations to offer some kind of assistance. However, Job Centres report these courses are massively oversubscribed.

This is where we believe we can help. The Digital Beginner Course is unique to other ‘IT’ or ‘Computers for Beginners’ courses as it ties together basic computer skills with the those needed to apply for Universal Credit and perform online job searches.

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