Britain has seen an exponential growth in digital innovation,

but the shortage of digital skills is threatening to derail our position as a dominant force in IT.

The UK, at any one time, is facing a shortfall of around 40,000 people with the necessary skills to meet the demand of the digital economy. The British Chamber of Commerce released a study in 2017, which highlighted that 75 percent of UK businesses reported a digital skills shortage in their employee base. 

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There have been many initiatives aimed at addressing this problem with varying degrees of success, but in the six years since the skills gap was first identified, it still dogs the UK technology market. 

An estimated 40 per cent of businesses are choosing to hire younger, more digitally knowledgeable employees to address the digital skills gap rather than train up mid-level employees.

But many younger people including NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) may not have been exposed to the digital skills being sought by employers, limiting their opportunities to land sustainable work.

We have a course that can help give these people the digital skills needed by employers.

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