An innovative approach to employability


PocketCV is a stylish and professional looking CV App that can be accessed directly through a phone's browser.

It comes with a range of interactive features including view my qualifications, work experience, interests and hobbies.

Impress potential employers by sending them a PocketCV app. These employers can quickly and easily access the user’s details and view information / videos on the individual, helping them to really showcase themselves and hopefully secure an interview.

The user can easily manage and update their PocketCV app via a content management system - helping them stand out from the very busy recruitment crowd.

Other benefits include:

  • Speed – the process of applying for a job can be made much quicker; rather than posting out a CV, potential employers can see it at the tap of the screen or the click of a mouse button.
  • Visibility – placing a CV online means that a user is accessible by more potential employers. Even if they do not land a position straight away, PocketCV gets their name out there and allows them to build connections with people.
  • Tech Savvy – PocketCV shows that they are at the cutting edge of new technology and many employers want to hire someone who is comfortable in the digital world.
  • Uniqueness – PocketCV is a brand-new approach to online CVs. Rather than placing one on just a website with others they have their own App that anyone can download and interact with.