Our online course teaches learners
in-demand videography skills.

Video is what consumers are spending most of their time online.

Very few businesses, like Apple, set trends that consumers follow. More often than not, businesses must go to where the consumers are. Right now, that’s video.

Course units

1. Introduction to Video

Before we delve into the theory behind videography, let’s take a look at what exactly video is.

2. Preparing to Record

You’re going to stand in front of a camera. You might want to know what you’re going to say before you press record.

Save yourself time, effort, and energy by writing a script. In this Unit, you will learn how to.

3. Presenting In Front of the Camera

This unit covers the importance of appearance while on film. We cover everything from outfits to sweat stains.

4. Recording a Video Using a Smartphone

Learn the rule of thirds and find out all there is to know on lighting, filming and sound.

5. Editing a Video Using a Smartphone

Use free apps, Splice and PowerDirector to create projects. Learn how to split clips, add FX, audio and much more.

6. Uploading a Video to YouTube

So, you have your video to share with the rest of world?

Now it’s time to set up your YouTube channel so you have somewhere to share it to.